Documentary | Mexico | 2022 | 62 min | Mixteco


Don Martín Severiano assumes the community position of rezandero in Yoloxóchitl, Guerrero, after the mysterious murder of his predecessor Don Alfonso David. He performs community ceremonies and attends to people by reading cards and cleaning. Many who seek him have problems related to violence. Suddenly, Don Martín is also assassinated and nobody knows why.


Graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Social Communication. Founding member of Ojo de Agua Communication. Member of the National System of Art Creators of FONCA. His works have been selected at various national and international festivals such as the Berlinale and the Morelia Film Festival. He has obtained  17 recognitions. Two of them for Orison.

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World Premiere

Director - Directors
Roberto Olivares
Guión - Screenplay
Roberto Olivares
Productor - Producer
Romelia Álvarez
Música - Music:
Christen Lien
Sonido - Sound:
Hector García
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Roberto Olivares
Edición - Editor:
Roberto Olivares
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Romelia Álvarez
Intérpretes - Cast
Martín Severiano
Contacto - Contact
Romelia Álvarez