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Camila Sosa Villada


Multidisciplinary Artist


Camila Sosa Villada was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1987. She is an actress, theater director, writer and singer. She earned a living as a seamstress, hourly maid and prostitute. She was the lead in Mía, from director Javier Van de Couter, which won the Premio Maguey at the 27th Guadalajara International Film Festival.

In theater, she has starred in Carnes Tolendas - Retrato Escénico de un Travesti, Llórame un Río, El Bello Indiferente, Los Ríos del Olvido, Despierta Corazón Dormido – Frida, El Cabaret de la Difunta Correa and Puta Madre. She collaborated as co-author of the miniseries La Celebración. In television she has participated in La Viuda de Rafael, La Celebración, Historia Clínica, La Chica que Limpia y En Viaje.

Her first poem book, “La Novia de Sandro“, has been reissued a second time. She is also a teacher and hosts the radio show Maldita Vida.


Daniel Vives Ego


Actor, singer and writer


Studied acting and has dabbled in several artistic endeavours.

In theater he has participated in many plays, including the monologue Kai on.  He worked in Microteatro and recently joined Teatro en Corto.

In film he has participated in movies such as Asesino en serio (2002) from Antonio Urrutia, Sin ton ni Sonia (2003) from Carlos Sama, La Hija del Caníbal (2003) from Antonio Serrano, Así del Precipicio (2006) from Teresa Suárez, and El Hotel (2016) from Carlos Marcovich.
“Mírame“ is his record debut, and he has dabbled in cabaret too.

In television he has participated in shows such as La Hora Pico, Desde Gayola (where the "La Supermana" character was born) and Nocturninos. He also participated in Gustavo Loza‘s miniseries Run Coyote Run for FX.

He participated in the first open gay radio show in Mexico, "Triple G". And he currently participates in the shows “Diversidad CDMX”, “Farándula 40” and “Universo Queer”.

In 2016 he becomes an author with “Ayúdame Supermana, La guía políticamente incorrecta para ser feliz”, published by Ediciones B.


David Matamoro




Film producer with a distinguished international profile. He worked for Catalan Films & TV (ICEC) for four years as a co-productions and international markets executive before reaching an alliance with Lars Von Trier’s Danish production company Zentropa in 2009.

His filmography includes Los Condenados (2009), Menú Degustació (2013), Évolution (2015), Vulcania (2015), Du forsvinder (2017), Grimsey (2017) and El año de la plaga (2017), as well as the TV series Alakrana (2010). He has also collaborated in the Oscar campaigns for In a Better World (2010), A Royal Affair (2012) and The Hunt (2012).

He is a member of the European, Spanish and Catalan Film Academies, international creative consultant, co-author of the book “Marketing y Distribución Cinematográfica - Manual de Primeros Auxilios” and Associate Professor at the University Pompeu Fabra since 2016.


Igor Blanco


Premio Sebastiane Director , San Sebastian Film Festival


With studies in Administration and Business Management, his approach to the LGBTQ film world happened in 2009 when he joined the Premio Sebastiane jury, an award given to the film that best reflects sexual diversity within the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

In 2012 he contributed in the creation of a second award, the Premio Sebastiane Latino, which recognizes the best Latin American film with LGBTQ content in order to highlight and support cinema made in the region.

Since 3 years ago, the Premio Sebastiane team manages the Ibero-American LGBTQI Film Programmers Summit, which takes place within the activities of the festival, aiming to empower those who support the exhibition of LGBTQ cinema.


Jeffrey Winte


Distributor, The Film Collaborative

United States

Jeffrey is drawn to The Film Collaborative and the act of championing independent film because of his love for the process by which good movies can effect positive change in our world today.

Jeffrey’s areas of specialty include niche distribution, niche marketing, and festival/non-theatrical/special events distribution. Representative recent films include 2017 Sundance award-winner Sueño en otro idioma, 2017 Sundance festival hit Quest, Oscar nominated Kirby Dick’s films The Invisible War, and The Hunting Ground, 2015 festival hit Te prometo anarquía, 2013 Sundance award-winner A River Changes Course, 2012 Sundance Award-winner Valley of Saints, and 2011 Sundance Award-winner Contracorriente.


Michael Kutza


Fundador del Festival Internacional de Cine de Chicago

Estados Unidos

En 1964, a los 22 años, Michael Kutza fundó el Festival Internacional de Cine de Chicago, fungiendo posteriormente como su director artístico hasta 2016. En los primeros años, él personalmente, seleccionaba las películas qué serían presentadas en el festival. A partir de 2017 funge como presidente y director de Cinema/Chicago, la organización que rige al festival.

Michael ha estado involucrado en festivales de cine internacional tales como Taormina, Teherán, Moscú, Manila, Cartagena, Los Ángeles, Cannes, Berlín, Jerusalén y Guadalajara, y se ha desempeñado como asesor en muchos otros festivales, incluyendo el Festival Internacional de Cine de Berlín y el Festival Internacional de Cine de Venecia. En 1977 fue presidente del jurado en el 10o. Festival Internacional de Cine de Moscú. De 1979 a 1991, trabajó en el periódico italiano Il Tempo en Roma, Italia, como corresponsal de cine estadounidense. Ha recibido numerosos reconocimientos y honores por sus logros culturales.


Yair Hochner


Artistic Director TLV Fest


Yair Hochner is the founder and artistic director of the TLVFest, Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, since 2006.

In 2004 Yair set out to direct his own script, Yeladim Tovim, which received acclaim and won several international prizes. Three years later he wrote and directed his second feature, Antarctica.

In 2008 he co-produced Fucking Different Tel Aviv, official selection of the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama Section. Then in 2014 he co-produced Guttman X 5 - five different episodes inspired by the life and films of the first openly gay Israeli filmmaker, Amos Guttman.

In the past, Yair taught cinema to high school scholars for five years. He currently writes film reviews for - Israel’s leading cinema website, and has written articles for the Tel Aviv Cinematheque magazine, Time Out Tel Aviv and Camera Obscura magazine.

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