Guadalajara Pride

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Guadalajara Pride is the most important and massive sexual diversity movement in Latin America, only surpassed in total attendance by the Mexico City Magna Pride March and the São Paulo Gay Pride in Brazil.

It is a young movement, with profound social interest in public politics that bring equal rights and opportunities to the diverse population it represents. In four editions it has gathered almost half a million people, being the last one the most successful with 70 thousand attendees; everyone raising their voice for a society free of discrimination and for a more inclusive city.

This celebration takes place in two parts: walking with the NGO’s contingent and the floats in the city streets, and the massive musical event in Plaza Liberación. Guadalajara Pride is a great opportunity to show the pride and diversity of the LGBT+ not only of Jalisco, but worldwide.

Lic. Karina Velasco Michel

Lawyer, activist, she has stood out for her work in giving visibility to lesbians in Jalisco. For 9 years, she has fought for the assertion and visibility of all women in the entity, as well as the fight in favor of the rights of the diverse population of Jalisco. She is the founder of the lesbian marches which take place every March in Guadalajara. Since 2014, she has been general director of Guadalajara Pride.

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