Luis Venegas (Vitoria, 1979) since 2004 is the founder, creative director and independent edi-tor of his publications Fanzine137EY!C☆NDY TransversalThe Printed Dog and The Intim Mates News Paper.

His magazines are known because of his personal point of view, innovative graphic design and the quality of their content, created by legendary artists together with the most interesting young promises. They are limited edition magazines with atypical periodicity and that makes each new issue a collector’s item after its launch.

Fanzine137 (2004) is an art magazine especially connected with photography and fashion.

EY! (2008) celebrates the splendor of youth, inspired by teen publications from the 80s and 90s. The EY! Universe includes the titles EY! Boy CollectionEY! Poster Boy and The EY! We Were.

C☆NDY Transversal (2009) is the first and only magazine to celebrate the style of the trans-versal community: transgender, gender fluid and non-binary people, as well as cross-dressing, transformism, drag culture and androgyny.

The Printed Dog (2015) deals with the bond of unconditional love between dogs and human beings.

The Intim Mates News Paper (2019) shows photographic portfolios made in close collabora-tion between the photographer and the models.

Venegas currently divides his time between Madrid and Barcelona.