Premio Maguey Poster 2021

Maguey Award celebrates its 10th anniversary and is presented within the framework of the 36th Guadalajara Film Festival Mexico under the label: PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. The term PLUR emerged in the mid-1980s, as part of the Acid House movement, to dictate the conduct that should be followed at an electronic party: peace, love, unity and respect. More than a meaning itself, PLUR is a philosophy of life, an ideological and cultural movement within the electronic rave scene. A reference to the way and lifestyle of a raver.

PLUR is also about being authentic and being loved for it: in rave culture, everyone is welcome. Maguey Award pays tribute to rave culture, 40 years after its birth, and presents its PLUR Manifesto: Maguey Award:

  • Peace: avoid negative emotions and thoughts, as well as conflicts.
  • Love: performing acts of love and sharing positive feelings towards others. Kisses and hugs as a way to spread love.
  • Unity: receiving and welcoming others to the community. The union regardless of personal differences.
  • Respect: showing sensitivity and empathy for the feelings and emotions of others, accepting each other without judgment, treating others as we would like to be treated.

Laboratorio Editorial

Laboratorio Editorial is a studio from Guadalajara which specializes in corporate identity, editorial design and graphic production; it was created by graphic designers Ericka Media and Erika Leal (Kika), from the Jalisco area. Through the combination of graphic styles, and with great attention to detail, they develop projects which strive to create a visual experience that exceeds expectations for everyone. They have created the visual identity of recognized events in the state such as Despertares®, Despertares Impulsa®, and the Guadalajara International Film Festival, among others. They are currently working on the visual identity of FICG35, as well as other sections within it.


Each edition, Maguey Award is governed by a motto that dictates its personality and its contents. Talented local, national and international artists and creators have designed a unique graphic identity for the Maguey Prize. To all of them our admiration and gratitude.

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