Where the biggest star lives, even the smallest insect can coexist. The Premio Maguey Illuminatio 2020 poster honors love, nature and the cosmos, and was designed by Ericka Medina and Erika Leal (Kika), from the studio Laboratorio Editorial.

In different times of history, the term Illumination (lat. Illuminatio) is referred to as a philosophical concept that is only assigned to certain people in specific moments. It is said to be an awakening, a complete and lasting satisfaction, so how do we achieve it?

Laboratorio Editorial

Laboratorio Editorial is a studio from Guadalajara which specializes in corporate identity, editorial design and graphic production; it was created by graphic designers Ericka Media and Erika Leal (Kika), from the Jalisco area. Through the combination of graphic styles, and with great attention to detail, they develop projects which strive to create a visual experience that exceeds expectations for everyone. They have created the visual identity of recognized events in the state such as Despertares®, Despertares Impulsa®, and the Guadalajara International Film Festival, among others. They are currently working on the visual identity of FICG35, as well as other sections within it.