Spain · 2020 · 84’ · Spanish


Nacho and Denis are two friends that reunite alter 16 years. Both pick up their friendship to the point where Nacho confesses that he can’t conceive with his wife Marta. Nacho and Denis come up with a proposal that involves their partners. The two couples interweave with each other more and more as they spend time together, while fidelity and loyalty are tested.


Angeles and David have been collaborating for more than 10 years in Lars Von Trier’s production company, Zentropa, producing film, documentaries and television. They have developed 10 films together. Their passion leads them to get creatively involved in the projects, developing writing and directing tasks. Isaac is a step forward in their professional careers and their first film as directors.

Dirección · Director
David Matamoros, Ángeles Hernández

Guion · Screenplay
David Matamoros, Ángeles Hernández, Antonio Hernández Centeno

Fotografía · Cinematography
Gina Ferrer García

Música · Music
Simon Smith, Arnau Bataller

Sonido · Sound
Agost Alustiza

Dirección de Arte · Production Design
Antoni Castells

Edición · Editor
Elena Ruiz

Producción · Produced by
David Matamoros, Ángeles Hernández

Intérpretes · Cast
Iván Sánchez, Erika Bleda, Pepe Ocio, María Rivera

Contacto · Contact
David Matamoros -