Mexico · 2020 · 78’ · Spanish


Danielle, a young musician, sets off on a journey with Diego, her best friend, while both of them face the pain of breaking-up with their partners. Ending up at the north border of Mexico, they’ll have to use their abilities as musicians to survive as they get to know the complicated context between the US and Mexico. Two broken hearts, two friends, a road trip, a new lover, but fundamentally, a deep need to find themselves.


México, 1994. In 2012 she starts, with Diana Mata, the project Compañeros Producciones, now Elipse Films. In 2013 she enrolled at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos, where she directed short films such as Memorias del table dance, nominated for an Ariel and screened in festivals in more than 20 countries. She also directed and wrote the short film Crónica marciana. Wintersong is her first fiction feature-length film.

Dirección · Director
Silvana Lázaro

Guión · Screenplay
Silvana Lázaro

Fotografía · Cinematography
Sheila Altamirano

Música · Music
Mateo Sánchez Galán

Sonido · Sound
Carlos Eligio San Juan, David Muñoz Velazco, Isabel Barajas, Sebastián del Valle

Dirección de Arte · Production Design
Constanza Martínez Mejía, Natalia Martínez Mejía

Edición · Editor
Silvana Lázaro, Diana Mata

Producción · Produced by
Diana Mata, Silvana Lázaro

Intérpretes · Cast
Ruth Ramos, Andrés Lupone Ojeda, Marisol Cal Y Mayor

Contacto · Contact
Silvana Lázaro