Tu me manques

Bolivia, United States · 2019 · 105´ · Spanish, English


Jorge, a traditional Bolivian father, receives news of the suicide of his son Gabriel. Weeks after the tragedy he finds his son's laptop where he discovers that he had a romantic relationship with Sebastian, another young countryman who lives in New York City, where his son was studying. After a first violent confrontation on Skype, Jorge decides to go to NYC to look for answers about his son's death, but what he finds will change his life forever.


At 21, Rodrigo Bellott was one of the five nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences, Hollywood, for an Oscar for Best Student Film. In 2003 he presented his debut film, Sexual Dependence, at the Locarno Festival. In 2007, Variety magazine named him as one of the 10 most important representatives of the New Latin American Cinema.


Dirección · Director
Rodrigo Bellott

Guión · Screenplay
Rodrigo Bellott

Fotografía · Cinematography
Noah Greenberg

Música · Music
Julia Kent

Sonido · Sound
Nick Wright, Luis Bolívar

Director de arte · Production Designer
Alfredo Román

Edición · Editor
Rafael Bergamaschi

Productor · Producer
Rodrigo A. Orozco, Gerardo Guerra, Elisa Lleras, Rodrigo Bellott

Intérpretes · Cast
Oscar Martínez, Fernando Barbosa, Rossy de Palma, José Durán, Quim Del Rio, Benjamin Lukovski, Luis Gamarra, Glenda Rodríguez, Patricia García, Dominic Colon, Carlos Rocabado

Contacto · Contact
APL Film