La Candidata

The Contestant<br>Documentary | Venezuela, Mexico · 2021 · 78´ · Spanish


Argenis, Yanvaldo, Carlos, Eduardo and Javier have something in common: they will compete in the Miss Gay Venezuela, a trans beauty contest where the man who most resembles a “Miss” wins. For several weeks, we follow them in their preparations for the final night of the contest, seeing how that illusion is built: that of being a beauty queen for one night. The event is the excuse and the ideal setting to find ourselves with wishes, fantasies and the search for a dream come true. They look for the beautiful and feminine to achieve a desire: to be admired and recognized as the most beautiful trans in the contest.


Ronald Rivas, Emil Guevara

Emil Guevara has worked since 1996 as a cinematographer on documentaries and special programs for transnational networks; he studied Philosophy at the Central University of Venezuela. Ronald Rivas works as director, scriptwriter and audiovisual editor; he studied at the Central University of Venezuela, obtaining a Master's Degree in Fine Arts. The Candidate is their debut film.

World Premiere

Ronald Rivas, Emil Guevara

Ronald Rivas, Emil Guevara

Emil Guevara

Rafael Durand

Alejandro Ramírez Collado

Production designer

Andrea Pérez Sú, Javier Campos, Fina Torres, Ronald Rivas

Rubén Sierra Salles, Emil Guevara, Ronald Rivas, Marianela Illas, Rafael Simón Pereyra, Juan Bernardo González, Arturo Pereyra

Argenis González, Eduardo Ramírez, Yanwaldo Nieves, Dayana Aglerth Laguna Arias, Daniela Blanco Valera

Río Negro