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Pearls from
Guadalajara's International Film
Festival (
) has been a privi-
leged space for one of the less known
events of national cinema: The exis-
tence of regional cinematography.
contrast to a cinema that is conceived, written and
produced in Mexico city, other productions occur in
a fragmentary but constant way; being their origin
label their pecularity, which an average chilango
would describe as provincial.
A small, yet important body of fiction films, and
documentaries, mainly, find their place in our festi-
val or in iniciatives such as Ambulante.
These films are shot at the periphery and for dif-
ferent reasons do not have the systematic support
of the federal insitutions. They are independent
works raised by the solidarity, determination and
support of some educational institutions.
Regarding fiction, the results tend to be unequal.
A clear symptom is that the majority of these
projects are not nationally showcased; it could be
said that the emptiness in the exhibiting field is
determined by the movie theater chains.
These films are shot with non professional
actors, there is an imposed minimalism on the set.
But we find a very different universe concern-
ing the theme, which depicts a rather concrete
aspect of the Mexican diversity. Documentaries
have a better destiny, perhaps it is the absence
of commercial expectations that allows the
filmmaker to be free of the pressures for financial
In this case, local, is the fundamental ingredi-
ent; we know through documentaries that a pos-
sible world outside La Condesa or Tepito, exists.
The Cinema made outside Guadalajara is part
of this phenomenology. On second occasion and
for the thirs edition, we count with different works
produced in Jalisco.
A fiction history, El lugar de las flores (a
partnership with the iteso), 2 documentaries:
El charro de Toluquilla
Derecho de playa
and 5 short films:
Uriel y Jade
ia y Pedro
Luz de día
– all from the dis- and
the animation,
Los Aeronautas
. The two other
films complementing this segment are:
Mr. Pig
which received funding by
the Film Comission of the State of Jalisco.
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