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Crossings and intersections:
The memory's fiction
7-11 March 2016
DocuLab.8 Guadalajara is pleased to endorse the 88
analyzed documentaries along its eight editions at
the narrative laboratory. Seventy have seen the light.
Of these, thirteen have been exhibited at the festival's
Ibero-American contesting section.
An example of the aforementioned, are the 24
films that were registered for contest and that
belonged to some Doculab edition.
Six have been selected at the Ibero-American
documentary contesting section. And the remaining
fifty-seven, have been appreciated on different media
such as international festivals, seminars, television
and the internet.
If the documentarist intention is to convey with
fairness what has occurred, the idea of delving
into his/her personal journey dilutes the boundary
between documentary and fiction.
Due to the manifold changes that have influenced
it, the word documentary is increasingly hybrid when
applied to the audiovisual (cinematography).
Furthermore, the line that separates documentary
and fiction is established nowadays from an ethical
and political perspective. And is linked with the author
and the image's construction of reality.
The division between documentary and outline
script has always been complex and unclear.
The eighth edition of the documentary laboratory
for improvement will take place from march 7-11,
2016. Its purpose is to make known the intertwining
of universes; social, political and urban impressions
created through the audiovisual language of
non-fiction-authorship as a means of visual poetry
transmission. And beyond being only a journalistic
Specialists from the audiovisual international
industry will share trends, perceptions and insights
at the master classes, especialized laboratories,
discussion panels and special projections with the
thirty-five emerging documentarists from countries
as diverse as Spain, Bolivia, The United States,
Honduras, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile,
Germany, Argentina, Nicaragua and Mexico.
DocuLab.8 Guadalajara, is the ideal space for
creation, improvement, and the culmination of
the next Ibero-American audiovisual documentary
A round of applause and be welcomed!
Lorena Rossette Riestra
Director DocuLab Guadalajara
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