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The Guadalajara International Film Fest in presents
the eighth edition of Talents Guadalajara, in
association with the Berlinale Talents, Mexico's
Goethe-Institute and the support of the International
Federation of Cinematographic Critics (fipresci).
Talents Guadalajara gathers emerging filmmakers,
actors and film critics from Mexico, Central
America and The Caribbean. Its aim is to create a
suitable space where ideas arise and expand when
contact and communication take place between
analogous talents; a similar scheme to the duality
of cinematographic creation. It begins as an
intimate- individual experience and evolves into a
collective one; from its production to the experience
lived by the spectator.
Talents Guadalajara: Implosion of ideas and endless
proliferation of stories.
Moreover, it presents three specialized studies
on coproduction and pitching, film criticism and
Talent Press Guadalajara is an intensive training
event for film criticism presented with the support
of the International Federation of Cinematographic
Critics (fipresci).
The participants are invited to the festival to watch
and review the projected films under the mentorship
of acknowledged film critics; they act as their
mentors and share their impressions and viewpoints
regarding the written materials.
Talents Guadalajara, in association with ficg's
12th coproduction meeting, presents the Talent
Coproduction Meeting (tcm); a professional
pitching experience. In this meeting, six long
feature projects (documentary or fiction) will
participate in the intensive pitching workshop with
exclusive training for every project that will take
part in Talents Guadalajara activitie's program.
Three of these, will participate in the activities of
the Cinematographic Coproduction Encounter
(ficg31). This pitching practical experience,
offers to the participants the possibility of finding
producers and coproducers for their work.
Guadalajara is recognized internationally as a city
where filmmakers take interest and produce short
and long animated features making use of a great
variety of quality techniques with creative skill. For
this reason, Talents Guadalajara presents for the
first time a special segment in its program, dedi-
cated to animation and its creators: Talents Motion
Studio. In this space, directors from the genre will
be able to participate in a personalized support
program for near future animated projects besides
other activities.
Topic 2016: Implosion: Explosion
Talent Press Guadalajara.
A space for film criticism
Talent Coproduction Meeting
Your project to the industr
Talent Motion Studio.
A space for animation
Ana Zamboni
Director of Talents Guadalajara
Implosion: Explosion
March 3-8, 2016
Equipo Talents Guadalajara
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