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With the expansion of television in
the 60's cinema has to modify its
contents. Television kills various
cinema genres, such as the American
Western and the Music Comedy in the
United States;
for Mexico, the first scramble
makes the great filmic melodrama dissapear in the
presence of the soap opera's popularity.
The effect is global, and many producers and fil-
mmakers understand that they have to offer those
households -where competing moving images are
consumed-, what television cannot.
An initial step is that film stories describe in a
growing tendency, adult conflicts: the loss of lo-
ving/sexual passion, infidelity, the ordinary tedium,
and in some cases, incest. In the face of these
contents, every society will react differently; in the
Mexican case, many of these movies will suffer edi-
ting, mutilations, and sometimes, open censorship.
In other countries, the door to explicit erotic scenes
is wide open. Sweden and Denmark precede what
will later be known as porn cinema. However, the
most radical phenomenon of this period occured
in Japan, where a group of filmmakers shoots
a series of stories where registering the sexual
experience was important, but not the only event
on the screen. There is a clear construction of the
characters who are trapped in the quotidian and
where sexuality was a catalyst.
Filmmakers as Tatsumi Kumashiro (1927, 37
movies), Hideo Gosha (1929-1992, 26 movies),
Noboru Tanaka (1937-2006, 27 movies), Takashi
Ishi (1946, 33 movies), conferred their cinema with
what can be defined as a profound nationalistic
Among the styles that were born, the most im-
portant one is the Roman-Porn, in which typically
at least three sexual scenes are shot, the movie
lasts no less than one hour, and the shooting is
done within one week and with a limited budget.
Over these guidelines the most inspired direc-
tors manage to offer a significant portrait about
the relationships' state between men and women.
Succeeding in the best cases to offer characters
with a defined psychological profile relating to the
roles of submission, possession, and the need for
physical plessure.
It is unthinkable not to conceive this context
as the enabling environment for, In the Realm of
the Senses (1976, Nagisa Oshima), a milestone of
human sexuality.
Erotic Japanese Cinema
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