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Movie city for cinema
As of this year the main venue of ficg will move to the
heart of the University of Guadalajara. Most of the
functions in the official contesting section will be held
at Cineforo, located at the Dean's building. And the
beautiful University Museum of Arts (musa), will host
the Ibero American film market, thus assuming cinema's
character as a cultural industry.
The breadth of the programming and the activities
that year upon year are proposed by ficg, have taken us
to recover traditional spaces so that the filmic presence
resonates and reaches wider audiences. The festival's
sections have grown, also the amount of the Mezcal prize
and the festival's presence in other cities of Jalisco but
we do not forget our origins, hence, our compromise with
the Mexican cinema.
The career and contributions of Alfonso Arau both
as director and actor of our cinematography, will be
recognized. We cannot ignore that it was in March, 40
years ago, when the film Canoa by Felipe Cazals, was
premiered. The work of denouncement prompts us to
reflect: How have things changed?
Last year, the government of Jalisco started a
funding program for films that are shot in the state.
The two projects that benefited from this initiative will
be shown as part of the galas during this edition.
In addition to this, we are pleased to welcome
, by Diego Luna and
by Fernando
Lebrija. They have placed Jalisco on the screen with
their splendid casting.
The participants will find a ficg with firm roots but
also with still-stretching branches that contribute to
profile our cinema and the Ibero American cinema in
a global panorama. These participants range from
film students who form the Mezcal jury, to filmmakers
in the official competition and parallel sections; jurors,
journalists, film critics, distributors and exhibitors.
This is the context in which we are pleased to have
Switzerland as guest of honor. A country with a varied
cinematography and one that is certainly open to the
possibility of co-production with the film industries of
our region.
Thank you for joining us on this journey!.
Iván Trujillo Bolio
Director of FICG
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