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For the ninth consecutive year,
the musical machinery of Cinema
Rythm, formed by an eclectic array
of documentaries for which music
is the subject matter, starts its
engines in the framework of the
International Film Festival in
Guadalajara (FICG).
On this occasion, fresh choices invite us to
approach the diverse musical phenomenona
through a journey that mainly focuses on Latin
Two works from Argentina reveal the sonorous
nature that brings them to life, starting off with
their titles:
Cumbia la Reina, seis décadas de
cumbia argentina
Poner al rock de moda
The first is an insight into the interesting
phenomenon that cumbia has been generating,
mostly in recent years, in a country that has made
it its own and reinvented it, in a thousand ways.
The second inquires about the work and social
dynamics of one of the most recognized young
groups in the musical scene, which privileges rock
as few do in the continent; Banda de Turistas.
Colombia brings image and music with the film,
El sucundún. Haciendo la cumbia
. A look on the art
of recreating a style from its root cause and with
the devotion that only in its birthplace could be
professed. All through the fascinating stories of
the gaiteros who continue to nourish their tradition
with a commitment worth of cinematographic
From Mexico, two homages that also deserve
to be told in all detail. On one side,
Alicia más allá
del abismo
, the story of the eponymous legendary
forum which has listened to countless musical
groups under its roof throughout the years. During
this time, it has consolidated as the space -par
excellence- for the country's independent musical
On the other hand,
Una historia posible by
. A retrospective that brings us closer
to the origin and development of the emblematic
group of folk music.
In a similar guise, Cinema Rythm will count
with the premier of
El camino más larg
o, the
documentary long feature that closely follows the
most recent tour of the Spanish Enrique Bunbury
through the United States. The documentary
deepens on the meaning of a nomadic, hazardous
life which translates into traveling for living and
Finally, giving way to the cinematographic
production of Switzerland, guest of honor in this
edition, Cinema Rythm includes
. The film
focuses on the precarious life of the musicians
of Benín who are part of the Gangé Brass Band,
a renowned African orchestra that counts in its
major successes to have worked with Femi Kuti.
A burst of sight and sound will take us from the
afrobeat to the cumbia and rock, passing through
latin folk. Within reach of the most passionate
cinephile and melomaniac.
Cinema Rythm:
A burst of Sight
& Sound
Enrique Blanc
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