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Guadalajara, Patron
of the Arts
It is a great opportunity and we feel proud to have the
joy of being part of Guadalajara's International Film
Festival. A festival that promotes the cinematographic
art and has managed to create a suitable space for
the development and creative exchange between
professionals in all the world. Considered as one of
the most important arts of humanity that harmonizes
the dramatic arts, music, literature, photography, and
scenography; thus creating a dynamic phenomenon of
great relevance for contemporary society. As a result, it
is a massive and world cultural roots exchange.
It is admirable how the Festival (ficg) that belongs
to the state of Jalisco's highest Alma Mater, has not
only overcome the test of time but also managed to be
the most important cinematographic festival of Latin
America. Moreover, it has founded partnerships with
San Sebastian's International Film Festival, and The
Berlinale, establishing itself in the international realm
as a cultural event that reaches all the corners and is of
great magnitude.
Just as San Pedro Tlaquepaque, "cradle of
Mexico's pottery" has succeeded in capturing the
Mexican archetypal scenery through its clay artisanal
handcrafts, blown glass, wrought iron, brass
sculpture and hand crafted wood furniture; cinema
with its actors, script writers, producers, directors
and technicians, achieves the same aim; it manifests
in a diverse range of artistic currents and often looks
after the preservation of customs and traditions that
represent our national-social culture. Expressing
through such scenes the essence of a shared feeling
that identifies us a Mexicans.
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome
Switzerland, our guest country of honor and to
congratulate all those who put this festival in the
international spotligh: The Ministy of Culture, The
Mexican Institute of Cinematography (imcine), and
Jalisco's Alma Mater, The University of Guadalajara.
C. María Elena Limón García
Municipal President of San Pedro Tlaquepaque
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