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FICG Creativity's Propeller
In March Guadalajara dresses in her cinema attaire. And
this tradition comes to its 31st year.
The Festival's red carpet has witnessed the passing of
international celebrities who bolster our city as a cultural
capital of global impact.
It is noteworthy that in these three decades, the Inter-
national Film Festival in Guadalajara (ficg), has been a
showcase and catapult for our talents.
Guillermo del Toro started at the box office during the
first editions. Last year, the long feature
La Delgada Línea
, by the young local director Celso García, was
awarded with the Special Juror's Prize for Ibero Ameri-
can fiction long feature; demonstrating that our festival
is the international showcase of Mexican Cinema, of our
people and our talent.
Only last year, 110 thousand people attended the
different activities with 315 exhibited movies; 110 at the
official contest.
All of this, covered by more than 200 national and
international media.
It is necessary to address the ficg, if we want to un-
derstand the impressive ascent that Mexican cinema
has had. ficg is the oldest festival in the country and
it has evolved year after year, adding to its activities
programs that guarantee our cinema's growth, both in
talent and quality. An example of the aforementioned
is Talents Guadalajara, an encounter which gathers
actors and critics from Mexico, Central America, and
the Caribbean to share knowledge and establish links
with the industry's market.
In Zapopan we can only celebrate what began as
a small film festival and evolved into the great feast
that is now and which has been fundamental to the
development of Mexican cinema.
To this day, the festival strives for innovation and in
its 31st edition, looks at the shared global concern for
climate change, exploring how the audiovisual industry
can have a positive effect in the environment.
This year with Switzerland as guest country of
honor, we are certain that excellent films, economic
revenue and surprises await, and that the foundations
for the Mexican cinema will continue to be laid, surpris-
ing generations to come.
Pablo Lemus Navarro
Municipal President of Zapopan
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