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Ron Perlman is not one of those magazine
front page actors that teenage girls buy avid of
vampiresque-luminous romances, nor is he news
in Hollywood's gossip programs, but I can assure
you of somehting: this man is a god in a comics
convention. Why? Is there something cooler than
being a crooked monk in a remote abbey, the lead-
er of some bike riders or the devil in possession of
the Apocalypse key in his fist? Do not think it over,
there isn't.
In his first movies he surprised the critic with his
acting in
La Guerre du feu
and in
Der Name der
, both directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and
based on the homonymous novels of J. H. Rosny
and Umberto Eco, respectively. It was remarkable
how the actor was capable of conveying a great
emotional gamut with all that prosthetic makeup
on. Ron seemed not to have problems for moving
the audience with a sole gaze, the use of his vocal
cords and his controlled body expression. Soon af-
ter came the series for CBS,
Beauty and the Beast
Everything pointed to the rocketing ascent of
his carrer, however, at the beginning of the 90's,
the actor was undergoing a personal and artistic
crisis. In Perlman's words: " The creative flame
which had moved me before had extinguished a
while back." Then, he received a parcel in the post
from a place with an unfamiliar name, "Guada-
lajara." It was a stranger who was sending it, a
so called Guillermo del Toro. The parcel had the
screenplay of a strange movie about vampires
and a heartfelt letter. Ron Perlman made a deci-
sion, he chose to trust in a young filmmaker and
traveled to Mexico to shoot in Spanish.
From that moment a great friendship between
these two characters was born marking the
beginning of a long list of independent projects
launched by the actor. This is what makes him
grand, his capacity to allow himself to navigate
into the unknown. Because regardless the place
or the director, if a role requires him, he will do
it and will not skimp on resources in order to
achieve that the story be told. Thanks to that,
Ron Perlman participated in a milestone for the
local cinematography, (cinematografía tapatía),
and in some way, due to that, in the future there
will be people who will not want to be Superman
but will dream of being Hellboy.
What makes a man, a
man? A friend of mine
once wondered. Is it his
origins? The way he comes
to life? I don't think
so. It's the choices
he makes. Not how he
starts things, but how he
decides to end them. "
Mane González
John Myers
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