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Welcome Switzerland
The International Film Festival in Guadalajara has graced
this city along almost thirty-one years, cladding it in the
magic -that we all know- has always accompanied the
cinematographic industry.
Year after year, Guadalajara turns into the epicenter
of this noble industry due to the presence of prestigious
directors, actors and producers.
Furthermore, we have on this occasion, a refreshing
component adding to some extent, a touch of innovation
and at the same time, a hint of the festival's origins: the
change of venue that will enable visitors to be in contact
with one of the most bustling and commercial city areas.
The festival, unique in its kind, is an opportunity to
present Jalisco at international scale and to show the
world that we are talented, innovative and above else,
excellent hosts.
The Government of Jalisco is convinced of the
essential role that the cultural economies and the
creative industry play in attracting development; in only
a few years, we have proudly positioned the city as the
innovative capital in the country.
Due to the aforementioned, the academy, the govern-
ment and the private sector, have been able to promote
and coordinate the creative talent towards different
disciplines, having innovation as a guiding principle.
The cinematographic industry is -precisely-, a fertile
field for innovation: from the projects' origin to the
channels of mass distribution.
There is a long way to go and we are sure of being
on the right path to accomplishment.
It is in this framework that we welcome all the
visitors gathered around this cinematographic event.
We are extremely proud to receive Switzerland
as the guest country of honor for this edition. A
country with a great cinematographic culture and
an opportunity for us to gain insight into its current
Congratulations to all those who year after year
make this festival possible, and thank you to the
people whose presence in the cinema theaters and the
festival's activities have turned this encounter into an
anual tradition.
We wish the 31st edtition of the International Film
Festival in Guadalajara, to be as successful as always.
Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz
Governor of the State of Jalisco.
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