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In little more than a hundred years, cinema has adopted
such an array of appereances, that it could be said that
its essence lies in transforming when connecting and
communicating with the spectators.
The fact that cinema tends to metamorphosis is
manifest with every festival's edition. Without exception,
it appears renewed every year. In this sense, the festival
that reunites us again, and celebrates its thirty-one
years, also manages to show the Mexican cinema's
vitality and that of the entire Ibero-America. And places
that vitality at reach of the established audiences and
those at stage -we would say-, in development.
Furthermore, it is thought as a space for aesthetic
delight, for our recognition in its stories and for the
training of new audiences.
As cinema itself, the festival (ficg) has a chameleonic
vocation. By this I mean that it has caused confluence
-and meshed- industry, entretainment, social purpose
and art with such effortlessness that it has managed to
turn into beacon and ideal for similar iniciatives.
Equal celebration is deserved by the development
and industry programs, such as the coproduction
encounter motivated by ficg and Talents Guadalajara.
Through these platforms, future projects obtain
financing and advice from the audiovisual industry
professionals, producers, distributors, and exhibitors.
In addition, Talents Guadalajara provides an intensive
encounter among film makers, actors and film critics
from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. It
has consolidated throughout its eight editions and
currently represents a solid platform for the support,
refinement and professionalism of the participants;
it is a nourished filmic encounter where the young
talents can interact among them; with ficg, with the
Ibero-American cinema market, and with the industry
that attends the most substantial festival of Latin
I am certain that this edition of the International
Film Festival in Guadalajara, carries once more the
promise of renewal. We will see how culture, in this
case, the audiovisual culture, always offers fresh
answers to old querys, and it does it by conceiving the
audience as a collective solitude that shares one of the
most noble tastes: thought turned into image.
Long live the ficg.
A Chameleonic Festival
Jorge Sánchez
Director of IMCINE
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