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The Festival Seals its Identity
All through its three decades, the International Film Fes-
tival in Guadalajara (ficg), has been authenticated as an
important space for the dissemination, development and
marketing of Mexican and Ibero American film produc-
Supported by the University of Guadalajara since its
first edition in 1986, the festival has diversified and in-
creased the number of exhibiting spaces and encounters
among students, academics, cinematography profession-
als, entrepreneurs and the audience in general.
In this thirty first edition, ficg returns to the city center.
The University Arts Museum (Museo de las Artes) and
the cinema theater (Cineforo), will be the venues for the
festival's main activities such as conferences and panels
by the industry's protagonists.
The Festival will also be held at Rambla Cataluña, Casa
Zuno, Teatro Diana, Estudio Diana, la Casa del Abogado,
and Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet; Alianza Francesa, Primer
Piso bar and Hotel Demetria. Other venues include,
Cinepolis Centro Magno and Cinepolis Tolsa, which to-
gether configure what is known as the corredor Vallarta.
The iniciative aims to confirm this cinematographic
feast's identity and strengthen its bonds with the city
where it was born and its inhabitants. In addition, the
festival's benefits will extend to a greater number of par-
ticipants while increasing the creation of audiences.
Equally, the program includes projections at the Audi-
torio Telmex, the state's public libray “Juan José Arreola”,
Museo de Arte de Zapopan and Centro Cultural El
Refugio in Tlaquepaque. Furhtermore, Autlán de Navarro
joins the municipalities of Puerto Vallarta and Lagos de
Moreno where the festival has already extended. The
aforementioned, furthers the festival's distribution in the
state of Jalisco.
Like in every year's celebration, the festival will hold
charity galas; the official and contesting sections, the cycle
for documentary cinema, the Mezcal, Maguey and "Rigo-
berto Mora" Awards, and the industry representative's
encounter. As well as, Talent Campus Guadalajara, and
DocuLab, which support the education and development
of young creators. In addition to all the aforementioned,
this year will see a new culinary cinema segment.
On behalf of the University of Guadalajara, I cordially
welcome the Swiss' Film Industry Delegation, our guest
country of honor, whose presence will reveal its new
cinematographic proposals and particular aesthetic path
in the seventh art.
It is an honour for the university's community to host
this festival, and we welcome each one of the members of
the national, Ibero American, and international cinema-
tography, with open arms.
I thank the sponsors for their support to this cultural
venture and express my acknowledgement to the Inter-
national Film Festival's committee. I fervently hope for
the success of each of the presentations that have been
prepared on this occasion.
Let the function begin.
Itzcóatl Tonatiuh Bravo Padilla 
Dean of the University of Guadalajara
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