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A Delightful Festival
The history of Mexican cinema is a singular one. It is
closely and irrevocably attached to the last four decades.
And it could be written with the sole impact of the
This story would attend to the creation of new
audiences and new sensibilities; it would balance the
ever-growing presence of movies, directors and actors
in the foreign realm. Furthermore, it would explain the
mechanisms thanks to which that cinema has been
capable of calling upon multiple gazes and viewpoints.
There is no doubt that such hypothetical project
should begin with an acknowledgement of Guadalajara's
International Film Festival which reaches its thirty first
edition with a renewed spirit, and yet, keeps its original
essence. One and the other, - its renewed spirit and
original essence- are sides of the same coin: The pleasant
encounter between cinematography creators, the
industry's professionals, historians and spectators.
This year, the festival will broaden to Guadalajara's
University private and public spaces and their
surroundings; embracing in this manner, fresh ideas.
Last year registered one-hundred and ten- thousand
attendees. Their active presence in the cultural life
foresees a higher figure.
On the other hand, the festival will award the
quality of Mexican cinema.
And last although not least, it will exhibit twelve of
the most remarkable productions in the international
These strengths are sustained by the partnerships
that the festival holds with the Berlinale and San
Sebastián International Film Festival, two samples
among a rich program.
The showcase dedicated to Swiss cinema greatly
enhances this edition's appeal. When saying Swiss
cinema, we think of the actor Bruno Ganz, the
directors Ivan Allègret, Jean-Luc Godard and Alain
Tanner -the genius behind
Light Years Away
(Les Annèes Lumiere)-, two works that reconcile the
impossible act of flying with the desire of freedom
We meet once more in this delightful festival and
return with a new gaze, willing to be surprised. We
do this in order to confirm, that cinema is industry
and also the art that knows the splendid ways of
Rafael Tovar y de Teresa 
Minister of Culture
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