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FICG At The Core of the City
Cinema is undoubtedly one of the creative industries
with more influence in the world. It is of such preemi-
nence that the global cinematographic sphere is under
permanent analysis and study, in order to comprehend
and extend its economic, social and cultural impact in the
different world areas, where the agents involved in the
production, exchange, distribution and consumption of
cinema-related products and services are concentrated
and achieved.
According to the unesco's Director General, Irina
Bokova, based on the First Planetary Report in connec-
tion with the cultural and creative industries (2015),
these employ 29.5 million people and represent 3% of
the world's gross national product, (gdp). On the other
hand, according to the most recent data from the Culture
Satellite Account (2013), the cultural industries in Mexico
represent one million-eighteen thousand jobs, of which
around 5% belong to the audiovisual media category.
In this context, our city, through its International Film
Festival (ficg), is the place where the activity and passion
for cinema has exponentially developed in the last three
decades; thus becoming an international main stage
for the enjoyment and appreciation of Ibero American
This is what we are currently working on in collab-
oration with institutions like the the University of Gua-
dalajara, the Federal Ministry of Culture, the Mexican
Institute of Cinematography (imcine), and the Mexican
Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Science. In
addition to the aforementioned, we are working with
the government of Jalisco, the councils of Guadala-
jara, Zapopan and Tlajomulco, which have been true
pillars and unparalleled allies in our mission; namely,
the dissemination and promotion of Mexican and Ibero
American Cinema.
Our festival has consolidated as part of our identity
as a metropolis. That is why, as of this thirty first
edition, we have decided to return to the city's heart;
to our origins.
This year we come back to our city's significant
spaces: Cineforo, the Arts Museum, Teatro Diana,
Paraninfo de la UdeG, Rambla Cataluña and theater,
Jaime Torres Bodet; to mention but a few of the ven-
ues for the festival. As a result, we will reach a higher
number of people and will get even closer to all those
who want to enjoy the great variety of activities that
we have in store.
Welcome to another edition of the International
Film Festival in Guadalajara!.
Raúl Padilla López
President of the International Film Festival in Guadalajara
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