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El sueño de Malinche is a cinematic poem by the writer and filmmaker Gonzalo Suárez with illustrations by Pablo Auladell.

The film was presented in the National Museum of El Prado on February 25 before traveling to Mexico for its exhibition at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara. It tells the tragic fable of the encounter between Cortés and Moctezuma with the mediation of a woman named, Malinche, whose contribution would be a secret weapon: the word.
Suárez had been thinking about the project for two years, documenting himself on Castilian chronicles, transcriptions from Náhuatl, the Aztec codes and also from current sources by historians who documented Mexico’s Conquest.

The dream of La Malinche’s realization came to fruition thanks to the collaboration between the musician Luis Mendo and the actors Carmelo Gómez, Ana Álvarez, Marian Álvarez, Santiago Meléndez, Clara Sanchís and Pablo Guerrero, who musicalized and voiced what the illustrator Pablo Auladell would later transform into images. Joao Fernández, sub director of the Reina Sofía Museum, writes about the fourty-minutes cinematic poem in the movie’s catalog:

“Film and literature have always crossed paths in the heterodox work of Gonzalo Suárez. The mastership and narrative experimentation have characterized the ways of constructing and presenting stories which now in El Sueño de la Malinche acquire an unexpected visual dimension with Pablo Auladell’s illustration... Film turned into painting, painting that becomes cinema; the cinematographic experimentation of Gonzalo Suárez, breaks -in El Sueño de Malinche- sterotypes associated with the use of drawing by the moving image...

A narrator who surprises with the new paths he takes in order to reinvent the narrative and descriptive possibilities of film and painting, seeing it as a rare and singular filmic object.”

Independently produced by the philanthropist and impresario Joaquín García Quirós, El Sueño de Malinche is an artistic proposal whose intention is to strengthen the ties between Spanish and Mexican people.

On the other hand, the editorial La Huerta Grande, in its illustrated narrative collection, will publish a book with Gonzalo Suárez’ texts and the drawings that Pablo Auladell has created specially for the film. The book will be launched this year by mid-Februar. Regarding the commercial distribution, El Sueño de Malinche which was presented in Spain on February 25th at El Prado museum, will be part of the collection of the museum Reina Sofia and will travel to Mexico to be presented on March the 12th at the International Film Festival in Guadalajara.