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The Cinema Sound Section will have -during the 34th edition of FICG- its eyes on the South, particularly on the music made in the country that transits through an undeniable moment of inspiration, Chile. Three are the documentaries that delve into its rich sonorous diversity.

Pangea, directed by Alberto Hayden, is the feature which takes us into the creative processes of one of its most notorious young composers currently, Camila Moreno. Cuando respiro en tu boca, by Carlos Moena, rescues an old footage in which Lucybell can be observed recording, together with the brilliant producer Mario Breuer, its already classic album Peces, the same that gave the birth to a new musical career which has extended along several decades. Y Hoppo! Sin rumbo, by Giovanni Longo Muñoz, is the documentary registering the tour of the band led by Rubén Albarrán -better known Café Tacuba’s singer- in 2014 along Chile and Argentina; revealing on its way the motifs that gave birth to one of the many musical projects that bonds this South-American country and Mexico.

Complementing its program, Cinema Sound will also host the Mexican made long features. Among these, Érase una vez, by Juan Carlos Rulfo, is a poetic approximation to the life of various rural communities for which music has a fundamental role. From the Tapatian Jorge Bidault, Jericajazz Jazz en tierra mojada inquires in the fertile scene of its musical style in the West of the country, especially in the city of Guadalajara. And La Revo… Sing a Song of Love, by the director José Leos, recounts the story of one the best recognized national rock institutions through its many year of work and musical production.

The great figure of the late Catalan rumbero, Peret, will also have a place in Cinema Sound; he will be remembered in the Spanish film directed by Paloma Zapata, Peret, yo soy la rumba, a recount of the accomplishments of someone who enjoyed international recognition mainly in the 70’s.

In the same guise, a long list of outstanding Riverplate composers and singers, among them, Jorge Drexler, Hugo Fatorusso and Sofía Viola reflect on the different sounds that the River Plate joins Uruguay with Argentina in Charco: Canciones del Río de la Plata, the documentary by Andrés Mayo.

The program takes us as it is customary, on a visual and sound journey through Ibero-America, and the music that stems from the passion that its peoples have for life.

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