Premio Maguey awards the best of LGBTQ cinema in the world, and does so in a symbolic manner through its EMME pieces, unique hand-made creations with a distinctive personality that represent the dual nature of the human being, the reiteration of the junctures that complement us to make us one.


5 PM Adrian Guerrero EMMEThe pieces are created to extol the careers of personalities that promote diversity and acceptance, and that have left a mark in the quest for a world in which there is no discrimination.

Artist Adrián Guerrero is the creator of these pieces, which in this eighth edition are influenced by the Premio Maguey Enqueerate art work elaborated by artist Mariana Lorenzo, also known as Maremoto, and sketched by designer Ericka Medina.

5 PM Maremoto EMMEAdrián Guerreo lives and works in Guadalajara. His work denotes a constant search to analyze the human perception, supported on the field of philosophy from different levels, generating new views and resignifying what at first sight is common to us. Without leaving aside his passion for different ceramic techniques, he creates pieces, objects and installations with different materials and pillars such as photography, video, drawing, sculpture and painting.

Maremoto is a textile designer, illustrator and visual artist in Mexico City. Through her work, illustrations and vignettes, she tackles themes that are important to her: mental health, sexuality and sexual identity, to grow and be part of the LGBTQ community, feminism, the search for her place in the world, and any situation in which she finds herself.