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Cinema Sound:
Listening to Ibero-America

Documentary Filmmaking has become in recent years one of the best ways to deepen into the works and life of the most renowned musicians of all times. What is particularly interesting about this 2018 edition of Cinema Sound is its focus on Ibero-American music figures through a program that gathers outstanding long features due to their thematic diversity and cinematographic scope.
Icons such as the Mexican Rita Guerrero on a par with the Panamanian salsa musician Rubén Blades; the Puerto Rican rapper Residente -former member of Calle 13;- the Argentinian idol Sandro, the Chilean guitarist Alain Johannes and the Spanish La Chana and Alicia de la Rocha, will be the protagonists of Cinema Sound in an edition of endearing documentaries that attest to their genius, passion and the relevance of their legacy.

In Rita, the documentary by Arturo Díaz Santana, we delve into the existential adventure of the unforgettable rock singer Santa Sabina, both through the recordings of her during several performances, and the vivid testimonial of those who surrounded her. In Residente, René Pérez Joglar takes us through a fantastic journey where he discovers one by one the different sounds that have influenced his own musical vision. I Sandro by Miguel Mato, recovers a profuse recording made by the same Argentinian singer in which he narrates his life and in turn serves as pretext for its visual recreation and for generating a document that brings us close to this 70’s icon. La Chana is the portrait of a portentous flamenco dancer -undeniable pillar of the Andalusian art form-. Rubén Blades is not my name is an approximation to the intimate world of the great singer, actor and Panamanian activist. And Unfinished Plan. The Path of Alain Johannes, travels through the successful trajectory of this Chilean musician who has triumphed in the anglosaxon rock circuit where his talent has been acknowledged by several of its most eminent figures.
Add to the aforementioned the film The Public Image Is Rotten, that recounts the evolution of P.I.L. brought to life by the exceptional British singer John Lydon, after his disassociation from the legendary group Sex Pistols.
A cinematographic Kaleidoscope spiced with rock, salsa, flamenco, hip hop, classical music, romantic ballads and sounds aplenty for the delight of those whose love bifurcates between these artistic universes: film and sound.

Enrique Blanc

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