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Ventura Pons

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“I will continue to do cinema as much as I want.”

The cinematographic education of Ventura Pons was watching movies and later meeting the best filmmakers and their work methods. After his experience in the theatre scene, he demonstrated his talent as documentary director with one of the most emblematic proposals of the School of Barcelona: Ocaña, retrato intermitente.

Ha dirigido y producido más de 30 largometrajes de ficción y documentales a través de su casa productora Els Films de la Rambla. Aparte de su papel como productor y cineasta, Ventura funda los Cinemes Texas de Barcelona, salas de cine para la exhibición para el cine alternativo de España y Cataluña. Las salas de cine son uno de los escenarios de apoyo para el talento de jóvenes cineastas. Los cinemas fueron este año uno de los espacios a través de los cuales una selección del FICG32 llegó a la ciudad condal.

He has directed and produced more than 30 fiction long features and documentaries through his production house Els Films de la Rambla. Apart from his role as producer and filmmaker, Ventura founded the Cinemes Texas de Barcelona, movie theaters dedicated to the alternative cinema of Spain and Catalonia. The theaters are a supporting platform for talented young filmmakers and this year, one of the selections from FICG32 arrived to the city through them.
The work of Ventura Pons has participated in more than 600 festivals in the world. Guadalajara’s International Film Festival keeps a close relationship with the filmmaker’s proposals. His films Ignasi M. Cola, Colita, Colassa and Sabates Grosses have been part of our program. In Mexico, the long feature Anita no pierde tren (2001) is his better-known work and it was well received by the Mexican audience. This year we are honored to acknowledge the director for his prolific career and we present his new production Miss Dalí which recounts the tempestuous relationship between the painter Dalí and his sister. Carlos Bonfil said that Ventura Pons “is like his character Anita (Rosa María Sardà, his fetich actress,) the great adventurer of Catalonian cinema does not miss the train either.”

Priscila Salcedo Alcántara

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