Talents Guadalajara Program

For its tenth edition, Talents Guadalajara will take place for the first time in what will be its home for a long time: the Conjunto de Artes Escénicas (Performing Arts Center) and Guadalajara’s International Film Festival Cinematheque and where the programme of Industry FICG will also take place and with whom we work together to bring a round programme for an efficient approach of the new generation of actors, filmmakers and film critics to the Ibero American industry.

 The newly released Sala 3 or Black Box will be devoted to the Master Classes of great filmmakers such as Rodrigo Plá and Laura Santullo, clear example of collaboration and love for cinema; Rémi Burah, international icon in the art of co-production; Dan Attias, film director and pioneer of television series; José Carlos Ruiz, mexican cinema legend; as well as Steven Lavine, former director of CalArts and promoter of creativity and new arts manifestations.

On the other hand, the Salón de Ensayos will be dedicated to dialogues between innovative filmmakers that have evolved the schemes of the Latin American industry with their work. From Catalan filmmaker Carla Simón that has touched base in the majority of international film festivals with her debut film Estiu 93; Julio Chavezmontes and Sebastián Hofmann the emerging duo of the production and distribution house PIANO; Joseph Bennett and Sean Buckelew independent animation filmmakers that have managed to stand out for their creativity in the indie and corporative world at the same time; up to the magnificent work of Erika Lust, Catalan Hommage of Premio Maguey, who through her feminist porn has revolutionized the standards of a multimillion industry mostly occupied by males.

It should be noted the important collaboration of Catalunya as a guest of honor  has contributed to the programme a broad range of filmmakers that not only reflect the cultural and social landscape of catalan community, but also transcends universal themes such as ideological respect and love in all dimensions, such is the case of our Directing & Camera Studio, Jo Sol and Afra Rigamonti and the presence of people like Isona Passola, Pau Faus, Ventura Durall and Tono Folguera, that have worked relentlessly through the last years to transmit the real Catalunya, from its truths and fictions.

Talents Guadalajara is a summit for filmmakers that have stood out for their originality, talent and vision to the future always having started since today, reflecting their reality and innovating towards tomorrow. Remaining as a valuable space for the voice of those filmmakers that are taking over the screen to represent the best of latin american cinema with meaningful and vibrant images.

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