CORONEL, EMME artist Premio Maguey Over The Rainbow

The Premio Maguey EMME pieces are unique creations that are given to personalities whose work and achievements have traced a path in the fight for freedom, making of this world a place of acceptance and diversity, where there is no discrimination.



Their structure represents the dual nature of the human being as well as its infinite possibilities, making a graphic emphasis in the similarity and contrast which could synthesize two of the fractions that compliment and make us one.Aldo Lopez Madriz

In its seventh edition, Premio Maguey merges the art of the creator of the EMME pieces, Adrián Guerrero, with the creativity and talent of Guadalajara artist Aldo López Madriz, who, under his CORONEL label, will intervene each of the EMME pieces that are handed to our honorees.

CORONEL will also present the exhibition “Al Paso del Tiempo”, a current representation that adapts the original practice of The Alchemy, which pursued absolute knowledge and the purification of earthly material from the intangible spirit. The pieces refer to the ancient process of transformation and its iconography, through stamps and symbols captured on objects that are, in fact, the result of a modern alchemy process.

The ideas that inspire CORONEL are manifested in a wide range of figures, colors and textures. Through manipulation, the transformation of chemicals and unusual materials for art and design CORONEL creates pieces the go from object art to the industrial design and the conceptual intervention of spaces. With recurring maximalist expression, CORONEL has presence in the most important cities of Mexico, ranging from art exhibitions to permanent installations, and currently represented by the Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery in Miami.

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