A decade of music and images

Cinema Rythm
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The stunning cinematographic production that music inspires these days has touched a myriad of styles coming from different confines of the planet. Proof thereof is the long features’ selection that Cinema Rhythm (Son de Cine) has made to celebrate its 10 years.

Styles such as: rock, cumbia, flamenco, heavy metal, bolero, and pop music are the primary source for directors whose stories are fascinating, replete with visual and narrative richness and as unique as the songs that
enliven them.

This cycle attests to the cultural heritage of a figure like the late Andalusian singer Enrique Morente, in a crucial conjuncture of his career: when his staggering inventiveness took him to create the astonishing and revolutionary record Omega, together with the rock band Lagartija Nick. The album celebrates this documentary, two decades after its recording.

The Mexican premiere of The Man From Mo ‘Wax’, is one of the highlights. The film immerses us in the great adventure that music has been for the British James Lavelle, whom we have met behind his experimental project, UNKLE.

Two films take us into both musical universes that coexist in Argentina; Cosquin Rock XV: El Rockumental provides a deep insight into the multiple angles of one of the most important festivals celebrated in that country. And Sucio y desprolijo: Heavy Metal in Argentina brings us closer to the musicians who have given life to the genre, highlighting its relevance with a pioneer like Pappo and going over a great number of contributing bands.

Casamance (The soundtrack of a journey) invites us to embark on a sound trip, a rather current one between Spain and Africa, hand in hand with Jairo Zavala, better known as Depedro, whom we recognize for his soloist work as well as for being part of the band Calexico. In its journey, Depedro brings us closer to musicians who recur to their tradition through a musical exercise that explains them in relation the world. A fascinating adventure that discovers recondite sounds filled with authenticity, feeling and imagination.

The documentary El gato de La Habana takes us to Cuba plunging us into its recent past, when the bar alluded in its title was a stage for the great characters of an incredibly rich musical legacy: soneros, bolero singers and troubadors who lead moments we now remember with astonishment and nostalgia. Omara Portuondo, Pablo Milanés, Caetano Veloso, among others, build on opinions and memoirs in this film about an unforgettable golden age in the musical production of that vibrant Caribbean island.

An eclectic, sonorous and visual display is the one to be had in this Cinema Rhythm, 2017.

— Enrique Blanc
Programming Collaborator


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