FICG32 Rules and regulations for participants




A.1. The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) seeks to promote and disseminate the film production in Latin America through the meeting and collaboration of their industries, formation of new talents and distribution of films in the region so that they can access a wider audience.

A.2. The FICG is a cultural event organized by the Board of the Guadalajara International Film Festival A.C., built by the University of Guadalajara (UdG) the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE), the Government of Jalisco, and Municipalities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, and Tlaquepaque, among other partners.

A.3. Each year the FICG occurs during one week in March in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


B.1. Mezcal Award

B.1.1. Mexican feature films and documentaries made ​​in 2016-2017 having their premiere in Mexico within the FICG, ie which have not previously been exhibited in Mexico in a film festival, public exhibitions, television, or distributed on Blu-ray / DVD or internet (unless it is limited and user code restricted).

B.1.2. Participate films in the sections Ibero American Feature and Iberoamerican Documentary, Made in Mexico section, and those premiere Mexican films participating in any of the parallel sections of FICG.

B.1.3. The official list of eligible films will be defined by the General Direction of FICG and will be published before the Festival.

B.2. Ibero American Narrative (Feature)

B.2.1. Productions of Mexico, Latin America, Spain and Portugal 2016-2017.

B.2.2. Have a minimum of 60 minutes Running time.

B.2.3. Make its premiere in Mexico and have not been previously exhibited in Mexico at some film festival, public rooms, television, or distributed in Blu-ray / DVD or internet (unless it is limited and restricted user code).

B.2.4. Priority will be given in the selection of international premieres (first exhibition outside its country) and world premieres.

B.3. Ibero American Documentary

B.3.1. Documentaries from Mexico, Latin America, Spain and Portugal 2016-2017.

B.3.2. Have a minimum of 45 minutes Running time.

B.3.3. Mexican documentaries may have one screening prior the FICG within the Mexican territory.

B.3.4. Priority will be given in the selection to international premieres (first exhibition outside its country) and world premieres.

B.3.5. No materials made for television, series, or institutional are accepted.

B.4. Ibero American short Film

B.4.1. Short films from Mexico, Latin America, Spain and Portugal 2016-2017.

B.4.2. Fiction, documentary or animation short films may participate.

B.4.3. With a maximum running time of 30 minutes, including credits.

B.4.4. Make its Mexican premiere: that have not been previously exhibited in the Mexico at festivals, public rooms, television, or distributed on Blu-ray / DVD or internet (unless it is limited and restricted user code).

B.4.5. No materials made for television, series, institutional, advertising or cutting materials are accepted.

B.5. Rigo Mora Award

B.5.1. Participate all Mexicans animated short films competing in the Ibero American short film section.

B.5.2. The official list of eligible films will be defined by the direction of FICG and published before the Festival.

B.6. Maguey Award

B.6.1. Documentary or fictions films of any part of the world that deal with QUEER thematic and or LGBTTTI conducted between 2016 and 2017.

B.6.2. Have a minimum running time of 45 minutes, including credits.

B.6.3. They have not been previously exhibited in Mexico in public halls, television, or distributed on Blu-ray / DVD or internet (unless it is limited and coded restricted user).

B.6.4. Most Maguey Award selection is formed by direct invitation.

B.6.5. Besides the selection of Maguey Award, films from the competitive sections (Ibero American Documentary, Ibero American feature film and Mezcal Award) addressing thematic QUEER / LGBTTTI will be eligible for this award.

B.6.6. The official list of eligible films will be defined by the direction of the Maguey Award and published before the Festival.

B.7. Parallel Sections

B.7.1. In addition to the official selection in competition, the FICG program displays different sidebars addressing particular themes and approaches:

Guest of Honor: curating the best of the production made in recent years within the country or region invited to FICG.

• International Panorama: the best of world cinema in the year and films winners at international film festivals.

Gala: selection of international films for charitable screenings.

Europe New Trends - San Sebastian: the newest selection exhibited in the latest edition of San Sebastian Film Festival.

Son de cine: music related fictions and documentaries.

• Environmental Movies: films about the environment and society.

Films for Kids: children's movies.

Culinary Cinema: films focusing on the world of food topics. Narrative and documentary.

B.7.2. Films submitted for competing in FICG may be invited to participate in any of the parallel sections.


C.1. To participate in FICG, filmmakers must register their films filling the form available on the official web site and also sending a secure private link and password with the final cut or rough cut for viewing online.

C.2. Registration must be completed by a person or entity authorized by the director that will act as a contact output. There is no limit on the number of titles that a single filmmaker or production company can register.

C.3. Registration of the film will not be considered valid if the registration form is not filled entirety and if a copy for reviewing on the dates specified is not received.

C.4. Registration to FICG are free, however, all expenses arising from the submitting process will be covered by the participant.

C.5. The film makers who submit a film are credited as the authors of the work and holders of the moral and economic rights of the same. Likewise, must have the permissions and copyright of texts, works, music and other materials subject to the intellectual property laws and copyright used in the submitted film. The directors will take the responsibility off the Board of the Guadalajara International Film Festival, A.C. University of Guadalajara of any liability for the possible copyright claims that may arise from any of the participating films by third parties.

C.6. The submitted films will be evaluated by a selection committee comprised by recognized experts, academics, filmmakers and presided by the Programming Director and General Director of FICG. The decision of the committee is final.

C.7. To make the selection, the committee will evaluate the work taking into account the values ​​of film production, contribution and artistic excellence of the work in all areas (script, direction, cinematography, acting, music, editing) as well as the relevance and interest of the issues raised in the film for the culture of Latin America.

C.8. The final selection will be defined by the quality of the works and will seek to have the biggest representativeness of nations and Latin American film industries prioritizing world premieres, international premieres (first pass out of the country of origin), Latin Americans and Mexicans premieres (in that order).

C.9. All films submitted will be eligible to participate in the Guadalajara Film Market accessing to potential distributors and industry members. The remaining films that were selected in the official competition will automatically become part of the Video Library Market so accredited Festival individuals may view the films on the online platform.

C.10. If there are doubts about the nationality of a film, the filmmakers will be asked by the Festival for documentation certifying their origin considering aspects such as the director's nationality and creative team, creditable sources of financing by any Latin American country, and the country of production.

C.11. Films with a member of its creative staff, who also holds a responsibility position in FICG are not allowed to participate in the official competition.

C.12. The selection committee will form the Official Selection program as follows:

• Up to 16 Iberoamerican feature Film.

• Up to 16 Iberoamerican Documentaries.

• Between 45 and 60 Iberoamerican short films to form five or six programs of 90-120 minutes each. Among these, up to 10 Mexican animated short films will be included competing for the Rigo Mora Award.

• Up to 10 Mexican films for selection Made in Mexico, besides Mexican movies participants in any other section.

• Up to 15 movies for Maguey Award, in addition to QUEER / LGBTTTI involved movies from Ibero American Feature film section, Ibero American Documentary and Mezcal Award.

C.13. The General Direction of FICG reserves the right to invite to the competition films if he deems appropriate to do so.

C.14. Selected films will be notified directly by an invitation letter issued by the programming department in January. The invitation will be considered confidential until the date the FICG publicize its program by means of a newsletter and the official website. Once selected, the movie may not be removed from the jurisdiction of FICG.

C.15. Invited films must confirm their participation within 48 hours of receipt the invitation letter to corroborate the information sent in the registration form and send the info FICG additionally will request including traffic information, exhibition copy, materials and texts for the official catalogue.

C.16. Movies that accept the invitation will receive the documentation that defines the rights and benefits related to accreditation, ticketing, specific accommodation and transportation for participants from each section. The FICG will not provide additional privileges to participants.

C.17. Selected films for the official competition must send a physical copy (screener) in DVD / Blu-ray before January 23rd 2017, to complete the formalities of release. This copy will not be returned.


D.1. The awards FICG delivers seek to reward the talent, recognize and promote artistic development of the filmmakers, and to encourage the building Film industry in Latin America.

D.2. The official FICG award is the Mayahuel, a commemorative statuette that gives FICG to the Winners of the competitive sections. In some categories, the statuette will be accompanied by a cash prize. The prizes for each section are as follows:

D.2.1. Mezcal Award

  • Mezcal Award to the Best Mexican Film, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 500,000.00 MN (five hundred thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the director of the film.
  • Audience Award, Mayahuel accompanied by MN $ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Mexican pesos) granted to director.

D.2.2. Prizes for the Ibero-American Feature Fiction

• Best Film, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 250,000.00MN (two hundred fifty thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the majority film production company to contribute to the cost of distribution and release.

• Special Jury Prize, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 125,000.00MN (one hundred twenty-five thousand pesos) granted to the majority film production company to contribute to the cost of distribution and release.

• Best First film, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 125,000.00 MN (one hundred twenty-five thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the director of the film to help him develop a next project. It is considered debut director the first feature film (fiction) only.

• Best Director, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 150,000.00MN (one hundred fifty thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the director of the film.

• Best Screenplay, Mayahuel.

• Best Actor, Mayahuel.

• Best Actress, Mayahuel.

• Better Cinematography, Mayahuel.

D.2.3. Prizes for Iberoamerican Documentary

• Best Documentary, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 150,000.00MN (one hundred fifty thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the director of the film.

• Special Jury Prize, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 100,000.00MN (one hundred thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the director of the film.

D.2.4. Iberoamerican Short Film Award

• Best Short Film, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 75,000.00MN (seventy-five thousand Mexican pesos) granted to the director of the film.

D.2.5. Rigo Mora Award

• Rigo Mora Award for Best Animated Mexican Short, Mayahuel accompanied by $ 100,000.00MN (one hundred thousand pesos) granted to the Director of the short film.

D.2.6. Maguey Award

• Maguey Award for Best Picture LGBTTTI, commemorative M statuette.

D.3. Official awards will be announced at the end of the Festival by an international jury composed for each section who will evaluate the artistic excellence of all participants.

D.4. The jury will be composed of renowned professionals in the film industry and cultural field. Its members will be appointed by the Organizing Committee and approved by the Board of FICG.

D.5. The jury of the Iberoamerican Short Film section, will designate the award for Best Short Film and the Rigo Mora Award.

D.6. Mezcal Prize will be awarded by a jury composed by 30 film and communication media students from recognized universities in Mexico and Latin America. Each institution invited by FICG select and run for their representative (s).

D.7. FICG members may be present at the deliberations of juries but may not cast a vote. The decision of the jury is final.

D.8. No official award may be canceled. The awards for the best films of each section and the special jury awards may not be declare ex aequo.

D.9. The Infinitum Audience Award will be awarded to the best film rated by the audience within the Mezcal Award section. The public will vote exclusively during its first pass.

D.10. To claim their prize, winners must provide the documentation requested by the FICG legal department within 30 days after the Festival’s closing ceremony.

D.11. The winning films will be screened at Los Angeles, California in the showcase FICG in LA 2017 to be held in the months after FICG32.

D.12. There are parallel prizes awarded by independent institutions, associations and FICG member companies. The sponsors of these awards define their own system and rules of operation, the FICG has no interference on them. Among the parallel awards granted within the FICG are:

• Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

• Award of the Federation of Schools of Image and Sound in Latin America (FEISAL)

• Warrior Press

• Jalisco Cinematography Academy Award

D.13. The winning films in the Iberoamerican Feature film section and Mezcal award may be submitted for consideration by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA®) whose members vote the Golden Globe Awards. The films selected must confirm to FICG their intention to participate and meet the requirements of the notice of HFPA®.


E.1. The FICG will reach the contact person for each film a Guide detailing technical requirements, deadlines and delivery methods for screening copy. Copies must reach compliance guidelines and dates indicated.

E.2. The filmmakers must personally deliver or courier the exhibition copy in digital cinema format (DCP and Blu-ray) at the offices of FICG. No shipments will be accepted via regular mail (postal service).

E.3. For encrypted copies in DCP format, the Festival will provide certificates of the rooms in which the film will be shown to generate the corresponding KDMs. The KDM costs will be paid by the entity that submitted the film to FICG.

E.4. Films in official competition sections shall provide a Backup copy in Blu-ray format and it will remain as part of the internal FICG archive and a Video Library digital version for the Guadalajara Film Market.

E.5. The Festival will not pay for broadcasting rights (screening fee) of the films participating in sections of the Official Competition.

E.6. The FICG only will cover the cost of returning the screening copy at the end of the Festival. Shipping in costs must be covered entirely by the entity that submits the film.

The FICG will not cover customs fees to release the copy.

E.7. The producer or entity that submits the film must provide a contact information and recipient address for return. Failure to receive this, the FICG will send the copy to the production company enlisted in the registration form. No copy may remain under the responsibility of the Festival 30 days after the closing ceremony.

E.8. The organizing committee of FICG establishes the order and date for the selected films to be displayed.

E.9. Selected films will be part of exhibitions and cycles organized by FICG or associations affiliated to University of Guadalajara and carried out in various regions of Jalisco during the dates of the Festival and the following months.

E.10. All films must be submitted in their original language and version. Screening copies shall not include any additional content, one minute films, trailer, or making of.

E.11. Should the original language of the film is Spanish, the screening copy must have English subtitles. If the original language is other than Spanish, the screening copy must be subtitled in Spanish and English. In cases requiring double subtitling FICG may provide the filmmakers electronic subtitling service. All costs related to close captioning and electronic subtitling must be covered by the entity that performs the submission. If the copy does not have the stated subtitling, the film will be disqualified.

E.12. The responsibility of FICG, in case of fire, loss, theft, damage and / or destruction of a screening copy during the period between arrival at the Festival and its delivery to the courier company contracted by the Festival, is limited to payment of the cost of developing a new copy in the same format. The deadline to make any claim around a copy shall be 30 calendar days from the closing date of the FICG.

E.13. For press and publicity of his film, the production company will present portfolios press kits or EPK, 5 posters, 10 photos in digital format, crew list and synopsis, biography of director, producer, screenwriter and lead actors, as well as a link to a three-minute trailer before February 6th, 2017. If you do not have this material, the Festival will use three minutes of the film from its screener for promotional purposes. All promotional material delivered to FICG will not be returned. The Festival is not responsible for the receipt, maintenance, and return of materials advertising the production spread during FICG.


F.1. The General Direction of FICG will resolve any matter not provided by this regulation. These cases will be reviewed by management and those responsible for the area involved.

F.2. Registration and participation of a film implies acceptance of these rules and the dates stipulated in this document. Failure to meet one or more of its clauses can entail cancellation of participation in FICG or disqualification of the film in competition.

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