Susanne Sachsse is an actress, director and producer. She studied at the Drama College in Rostock, a branch of the “Ernst Busch” Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin. In the 90s she was a member of the Berliner Ensemble where she worked with Heiner Müller, Robert Wilson and Einar Schleef. She co-founded the music band Ruth Fischer and the CHEAP artists’ collective, with which she developed performances for the HAU/Berlin, the Steirischer Herbst festival and the Donaufestival.

Sachsse has worked in a variety of performance, film and art contexts, with artists such as Yael Bartana, Phil Collins, Heinz Emigholz, Vaginal Davis and Vegard Vinge. Sachsse’s first video work Serious Ladies (2013) was initially presented as an installation at KW Berlin and then shown by galleries and at a number of international film festivals. She has appeared in projects by Ron Athey, Barbara Weber, Claudia Bosse and starred in several films by director Bruce LaBruce, including The Raspberry Reich (2004), The Misandrists (2017) and in his award-winning film adaptation of Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire (2014).

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