The 35th Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) is proud to present the 9th edition of Premio Maguey, which will take place on November 23-27th, 2020, with Peru as our guest of honor.

Premio Maguey is an award bestowed to movies that encourage and promote cinema with stories around an open sexuality and queer subject matters, celebrating the best of LGBTQ cinema in the world. Premio Maguey Illuminatio is this year’s motto.

Thirteen films will compete for the awards for Best Performance, Special Mention and Best Film, selected by a renowned international jury

Nine countries will be represented in this competition: Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Spain, United States, France, Mexico and South Africa.

The official venues of Premio Maguey in its ninth edition will be the Cineteca FICG and Cinemex Sania; both venues will receive personalities and guests from all over the world.

The Evolution of Premio Maguey

Premio Maguey remains the leading competition of its kind in Latin America, and it is a highly important section within the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

It began in 2012 with the goal of legitimize and recognize LGBT+ films from all over the world, in addition to provide a space to reach as many people as possible, while promoting diversity and acceptance.

Where the biggest star lives, even the smallest insect can coexist. The Premio Maguey Illuminatio 2020 poster honors love, nature and the cosmos, and was designed by Ericka Medina and Erika Leal (Kika), from the studio Laboratorio Editorial.

In different times of history, the term Illumination (lat. Illuminatio) is referred to as a philosophical concept that is only assigned to certain people in specific moments. It is said to be an awakening, a complete and lasting satisfaction, so how do we achieve it? There is a Greek myth which tells of the abduction of a beautiful prince called Ganymede; when the god Zeus saw him, he fell immediately in love with him and came down to Earth in the form of an eagle to take him back to the Olympus. It can be said that if this act of love and desire made them feel complete, maybe then we can achieve illumination through love, and thus feel united with the universe.