Ciudad a la Espalda

City on the Back
Documentary | Ecuador | 2023 | 76 min | Spanish


María and Isabel are women in their fifties who, like many others, recycle in Quito, where there is no recycling system. Maria leads a collective fight for basic labor rights; Isabel passes on her knowledge of environmental care while raising her daughters. They walk the streets with recycling material on their backs, generating a better future for themselves and for the city.


Ecuadorian filmmaker and visual anthropologist. Her short film Minadores, about recyclers at Quito's largest garbage dump, was widely screened at international festivals. She premiered her short film Galapagos: Prisión de Basalto in 2013. City on the Back is her debut feature documentary. As a researcher, she explores issues of environment, ethnicity, gender, health and human rights.

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World Premiere

Director - Directors
Paola Rodas Ziadé
Guión - Screenplay
Paola Rodas Ziadé
Productor - Producer
Lucía Romero P.
Música - Music:
Orquesta La Sonora Dinamita
Sonido - Sound:
Emil Plonski, Andrés Costa, Timoteo Casas, Diego Falconí
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Emilio Subía, Paula Vera
Edición - Editor:
Lucía Romero P.
Intérpretes - Cast
Isabel Tipán, María Taco
Contacto - Contact
Lucía Romero P.